Aquatic Exhibit Restoration Jobs


Are your guests having trouble distinguishing your freshwater tank from your saltwater tank? Are children climbing higher on your displays to get a better view because the acrylic panel of your jellyfish tank has so many scratches on it? Or perhaps, your ocean tank is leaking or your exhibits are just getting a bit old and tired looking?

From the fabrication of new habitats, reefs and plant life to leak repairs requiring divers, Aquatic Exhibit Group responds fast with skilled and knowledgeable specialists. The same team that has been hired by some of the world's largest aquariums, dolphinariums and oceanariums to train their in house staff can provide all of your aquarium and exhibit repair needs.

Our aquarium and exhibit repair and restoration services include:

Aquatic Exhibit Group does everything we can to minimize exhibit downtime. We don't even mind those times when our dive team becomes part of an exhibit.

We have developed a large network of professional aquarists and life–support experts with whom we consult. Every effort possible is made to ensure your residents are safe throughout the repairs and use only the safest, environmentally friendly and animal friendly construction and fabrication materials available.

Contact Aquatic Exhibit Group to discuss your aquatic exhibit repair and restoration needs to prolong the life of your exhibit.